Cinnamon ( Kayumanis )

Cinnamon ( Kayumanis )

Kayumanis Alsultan terbuat dari kayu manis pilihan tanpa pengawet, khlorine, pewarna atau zat tambahan lainnya. Diproses dari bahan baku asli dan berkualitas premium.

Alsultan Organic Cinnamon made from selected organic cinnamon without preservatives, chlorine, coloring or any other food additive. Processed from premium raw material to maintain high quality and originality.

Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of various evergreen trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum. At harvest, the bark is stripped off and put in the sun, where it curls into the familiar form called ‘quills.’

Cinnamon in the ground form is used in baked dishes, with fruits, and in confections. Cassia is predominant in the spice blends of the East and Southeast Asia. Cinnamon is used in moles, garam masala, and berbere.

Cinnamon is characteristically woody, musty and earthy in flavor and aroma. It is warming to taste. The finer the grind, the more quickly the Cinnamon is perceived by the taste buds.

Ingredients : 100% pure cinnamon

Nama                              : Cinnamon ( Kayumanis )

Packing                            : Bottle

Inner Quantity                   : Netto 80gr

Outer Quantity                  : 20 Bottles / ctn