White Pepper ( Lada Putih )

White Pepper ( Lada Putih )

Lada putih Alsultan terbuat dari lada putih pilihan tanpa pengawet, khlorine, pewarna ataupun zat tambahan lainnya. Diproses dari bahan baku asli berkualitas premium.

Alsultan Organic white pepper made from selected organic white pepper without preservatives, chlorine, coloring or any other food additive. Processed from premium raw material to maintain high quality and originality.

White pepper is obtained from small dried berry of the vine Piper nigrum. The berry is picked when fully riped. The outer layer of shrunken skin is removed, leaving the dried, grayish-white kernel. It has a milder, more delicate flavor than Black Pepper.

White Pepper is used whole in pickling spices and marinades. Ground White Pepper is used in light colored foods such as sauces and soups. It is especially popular in European cuisine.

Although White Pepper is milder flavored than Black Pepper, it is generally characterized by a sharp penetrating aroma and a hot pungent taste. Its flavor can be described by piney, woody, and terpeney notes.

Ingredients : 100% pure white pepper

Nama                              : White Pepper ( Lada Putih )

Packing                            : Bottle

Inner Quantity                   : Netto 80gr

Outer Quantity                  : 20 Bottles / ctn


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